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Welcome to my home on the world wide web. I’m happy you stopped by for a visit and hope you take a moment to say hello and introduce yourself.

Who is Appalachian Shepherdess?

Portrait of site owner Kate (aka, Appalachian Shepherdess)My name is Katie Burris, also known as Appalachian Shepherdess on social media. In 2019, I started a small grass fed sheep farm in my home town of Woodlawn, Virginia. Located in the beautiful Blueridge Mountains of rural Appalachia, raising katahdin hair sheep and homesteading I began reconnecting to the land and my cultural roots through regenerative sheep farming.

It all started when my husband and I purchased my late grandfather’s farm and set out on a mission to restore the aging buildings and rejuvenate the land. Beginning with hair sheep to enrich the pastures through rotational grazing, as well as to provide our family with ethical grass fed meat, I fell in love with sheep farming and regenerative agriculture.

Now that I have learned valuable shepherding skills with the simple care of hair sheep, I am transitioning to a multipurpose flock. Moving forward I will be choosing a heritage dual purpose breed to produce milk, meat, and fiber.

Sharing shepherding skills is my passion.

When I was getting started with my first flock, I made a fatal mistake. Luckily, I met a couple experienced shepherds who guided and encouraged me along the way. I wish to pay that kindness forward and mentor others as they get started with their new flocks. Learning shepherding skills is an exciting adventure and I love sharing that with others who share that passion.

Learn and grow as shepherds with me!

I have learned a lot about caring for sheep, and am now venturing into the world of wool sheep. Please join me in this wonderful shepherd’s life as I continue to learn and hone my skills as a shepherdess. Here I will share my personal journey as well as the knowledge I have gleaned and I promise to be available to answer questions, support and encourage you along the way!

Happy lambing,

Appalachian Shepherdess (Katie)

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